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Get to know how and what to publish in each social network. Only by being accurate and following a few tips you'll find in this infographic you'll be able to spread your message much better across online platforms
Nov 2014
We’ve talked many times about the need of adecuate your approach to your social community to the social network we’ll be writing for. Not long ago we discussed the new trend Social Marketing 3.0,...

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The assumed drop of the Facebook posts' organic reach has been a very recurring subject among specialists and users over the last few months. Today thanks to the Agorapulse Barometer we know if that was a generic fall or it was specially hard for several industries
Jun 2014
Today I bring you a very special Day of Infographics. My fellows from Agorapulse just passed me over the data of the last study about the organic reach on Facebook. This research has been done...

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Today is tool's day! Let me elaborate. I've been most of the week gathering infographics with the most useful tools for community managers. And then, after analyzing more than 50 tools, the following 10 are the ones that will make easier your life on social media.
Jun 2014
First of all, have a look at this infographic selected out of over 50 others I found while looking for tools. Here you’ll find the best tools to use nowadays to manage your social...

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On my research looking for visual contents to manage Google Plus I found interesting contents I didn't know about: A text formatting guide to highlight your contents on that social network. I'm so glad to keep learning new things every day! And of course, here I am telling you all what I've learnt...
May 2014
Before we go deeper into that infographics I found, let me give you a few bites about the importance of having an active page on Google+. If you have already read a lot a...

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