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Barely a month ago, Twitter opened up for advertising for all users which will allow individual users and small businesses with small budgets to have access to this platform. Even though the tool is at its earliest stages and limited access to the USA users at the moment, we will leave you with a step by step guide in this post so you can make out of a minimum investment a very big promotion.
May 2013
The launch of these self-service type of ads offers small businesses the possibility to reach clients through mobiles and tablets instead of through the home PC, since Twitter’s audience mostly connects via smartphones. It...

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Back when Twitter was just starting it was pretty difficult for our minds to adjust to 140 characters for the creation of an understandable message. We now got the hang of it… and we’re pretty good! The recently launched application from Twitter, Vine, will put us in the same position and we’ll have to learn the same way. Take a look at a few ideas of how could this powerful viral tool help your small company.
Feb 2013
Telling a story in just six seconds is possible! As long as you have clear what your goals are and what do you want to achieve and share with the video. What’s great about...

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Yeah we know, the header is rather crude but we are sure that you have also wondered; how many times a day should I tweet about this content? Would this post reach all my followers if I tweet it five times? Where’s the limit? These are hard questions to answer but we will try to help with this post ;)
Oct 2012
One of Twitter uses is to drive traffic to your blog or website and common sense dictates that the more people you get to reach your content, the more retweets and visits you will...

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May 2012
Coming from my previous post: “Top 10 things that annoy me as a Twitter user“, here is an infographic based on the Decalogue of common sense on Twitter, what I talked about on the...

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