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On our previous post we talked about the three first steps to follow prior to the launch of a fanpage; watch your competition, learn the social media rules and also learn the Facebook lingo. Let’s jump into the launch of the page and the content strategy with this post!
Nov 2012
Just at the end of that post we mentioned how important it is for small businesses looking to launch a marketing campaign to know the Facebook lingo as a step before the actual launch...

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This post has the only purpose to complement a series of 3 articles about how to plan and develop a strategy on Facebook. Get to know what a Business Page is and what's the difference with a Group. What's better for your goals? This and many other terms you probably don't know yet, like the "EdgeRank"
Nov 2012
This definitions have been written by Andrea Vahl and published by Hubspot. Our only aim here is taking them to our audience both in English and Spanish in order to allow them better understand the series...

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A few weeks ago an ebook landed on my desktop written by Andrea Valls, a Social Media teacher, strategist and Social Media Examiner contributor and it turned out to be very interesting, uncommon for me. I had the feeling that I was reading about my own experiences and I’m basing this post on her ideas together with my own work
Nov 2012
These are the first three of the nine steps small companies should follow, or at least take into account on their Facebook marketing campaigns. Steps that come from most part of the successes and...

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Yeah we know, the header is rather crude but we are sure that you have also wondered; how many times a day should I tweet about this content? Would this post reach all my followers if I tweet it five times? Where’s the limit? These are hard questions to answer but we will try to help with this post ;)
Oct 2012
One of Twitter uses is to drive traffic to your blog or website and common sense dictates that the more people you get to reach your content, the more retweets and visits you will...

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