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A complete social media strategy is hard to develop, that is true. However, if you know the points to focus on, you'll find it a little easier. Time is gold specially for small businesses' owners. Along this article you'll find a Slideshare presentation with an easy step-by-step guide based on successful cases.
Jun 2013
Recently, Webpositer gave me the opportunity to write as a guest blogger. After some small businesses’ owners asked me how to plan and develop a Social Media campaign on their own I had clear...

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One year ago we posted two formulas to calculate fans' and followers' engagement rate. However, nowadays they are obsolete as new and better ways to calculate it have been released on both social networks. In this post we've selected the best and most updated formula so far out of those you all ha've proposed.
May 2013
One year in social media terms can be an eternity. Loads of changes have happened since then, new updates that can make your measurements old. Thanks to you all, and specially to Juan Luis...

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Barely a month ago, Twitter opened up for advertising for all users which will allow individual users and small businesses with small budgets to have access to this platform. Even though the tool is at its earliest stages and limited access to the USA users at the moment, we will leave you with a step by step guide in this post so you can make out of a minimum investment a very big promotion.
May 2013
The launch of these self-service type of ads offers small businesses the possibility to reach clients through mobiles and tablets instead of through the home PC, since Twitter’s audience mostly connects via smartphones. It...

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Facebook recently announced the launch of Graph Search, an improved search tool for this social network, which gets results based on the content relevance and the social relation between users and, not so much in keywords as we are all used to see in other browsers. Here's how to get your page ready to appearing on the top of Facebook search results.
May 2013
What does this mean for small and medium businesses? From Kelly Jo Hortons lips, “it’s time for businesses to get social, and I do mean social“. They should quit their focus of trying to...

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