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We've lead you across our own path to turn Facebook fans in returning visits to your web and now, into sales. Here's the last step you have to go through to succeed. At least, it's been a successful path for us... Hope it will be for you as well!
Aug 2013
Along the last two posts (Steps I and II) we have shown you an easy path to turn a Facebook fan into a returning visitor to your website. Before going deeply into the third...

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It’s the most important step in the process of converting Facebook fans into sales. We will tell you here a few secrets of digital marketing specialists; the use of workflows to achieve in a less complicated fashion that your visits turn into clients. We will explain here what are they, how to use them and for what purpose.
Jul 2013
In the previous post we went through the first phase on how to turn your Facebook fans into sales of your online site. In that first step we saw how, through permanent links we...

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That's the final goal on Social Media Marketing: to convert a fan or follower into a customer and therefore, into an actual sale. We'll try to show you how to do that in this and two more posts we'll be releasing within the following two weeks.
Jul 2013
Before go deeper in how to turn Facebook fans into sales, let’s check that we have already planned a good and strong strategy. Here are the three points your plan must have: – Final...

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LinkedIn is not as well-known as other social networks specially across Spain and Central/South America. It's harder to develop social media campaigns including this platform. However, if we all analyse our audience, we'll probably find out many of them have an active profile on LinkedIn... And it pays off.
Jul 2013
On a previous post we explained how your personal online brand can benefit from making the most out of your LinkedIn profile. Well, in this follow up post about this social network, we’ll show...

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