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LinkedIn is not as well-known as other social networks specially across Spain and Central/South America. It's harder to develop social media campaigns including this platform. However, if we all analyse our audience, we'll probably find out many of them have an active profile on LinkedIn... And it pays off.
Jul 2013
On a previous post we explained how your personal online brand can benefit from making the most out of your LinkedIn profile. Well, in this follow up post about this social network, we’ll show...

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When used correctly, a LinkedIn profile can really boost your job search (By the way, make sure you check the new profiles as old ones need to be adapted and completed) But if you really want to stand out, you should create, elaborate, spread, optimize and maintain the image of your personal brand. Here’s how to get started.
Dec 2012
LinkedIn is nowadays the most important social network for professional with around 180 million users located mostly in North America. England ranks third with 10 million users while Spain currently has three million users...

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Not too long ago I read a very interesting – as much as surprising- data: It does not exist a correlation between the amount of RT and the actual number of clicks on the link within that tweet… What does that mean? A retweet not always drives traffic to your website. Data that drove us to create a new group on LinkedIn based only in words: SM Chat: Questions & Answers
Dec 2012
In other words, most of Twitter and LinkedIn users don’t read the content of that link before retweeting. They don’t even click over it!!! Why then are we so sure a RT will drive...

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