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With almost 1 billion users by this Summer and all age groups represented is obvious the increasing interest that marketers and agencies have in Facebook advertising. According to the Microsoft Advertising 2012 report, most marketers across the World are planning to increase social media advertising budgets, mainly in Brazil (81%) and the US (64%). Here is how to design, launch and optimize a Facebook advertising campaign.
Apr 2012
Within all social advertising platforms, Facebook seems to have the “magic wand”, showing great results that directly impact on brand awareness.  The value of a fan in Facebook is 2 – 3X the value...

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The search for social engagement has lately turned into one of the key aims in any marketing campaign on social media. Here's how to easily calculate it for Facebook and Twitter
Mar 2012
Updated formula as for 29/05/2013 here Social engagement on Social Networks, mainly Facebook and Twitter has lately turned into one of the crucial aims in all Social Media Marketing campaign, both for brands and...

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