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Along this second article of the series “Mastering Facebook Advertising”, we’ll see all the steps you need to plan a strategy like a high-level professional would do. So let’s get to work!
May 2014
The previous post Mastering Facebook Advertising (I) we saw how to create customized audiences for your Facebook ads. It’s a crucial step you’ll need to be done when planning the strategy. From now onwards...

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So yes. Most of us already have the new personal timeline, will have a new design in our fanpages and probably in the next few days will also have to get use to the new Advertising structure. Get to know everything about what is happening on Facebook to get ready!
Mar 2014
I’m pretty sure that you’ve noticed Facebook has been malfunctioning over the last few weeks. It’s specially bothering for those of us who uses it with marketing purposes. A planned post didn’t go public...

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Promoting your Facebook page just with the only purpose of getting as many likes as possible is easy. Does it work? It doesn't. Getting the kind of "likes" that will help you reach your brand goals, that's much more difficult. Not impossible though. Let me tell you how you can get the most out of your Facebook advertising by creating your own Publics and Audiences.
Mar 2014
Still today and despite all the efforts professionals do online to teach about Social Media Marketing, most of users keep advertising on Facebook driving the ads to the general public instead to a targeted...

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The first step to planning your next year Marketing strategy is to set up your needs and therefore, your aims. Those objectives you'll have to reach along 2014. That's the toughest part of the strategy. However, along this articles you'll find it easier than you thought and you'll have a professional start that will help you succeeding
Dec 2013
2014 is about to start although you still have time to plan your Marketing strategy to grow your business next year. I don’t mean you’ll have to change everything and start all over again,...

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