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Following the series "Hunting Myths" I've prepared an infographic with some of the wrong - but too widespread I'm afraid - thoughts about what a Landing Page should have in it. I keep hunting false rumours!
Apr 2014
Before we go deeper into the infographic, I’d love to make totally clear what a Landing Page is, because I’m not only talking about the one you host in your website to receive your...

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This week I've chosen four infographics that will help you decide what social platform to start with. The Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest statistics will tell you a lot!
Apr 2014
Although these general metrics will only be useful to support your decision, they can be the last impulse you need to go in one direction or the other. However, don’t ever forget there is...

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This week I've selected two infographics that will better help us increase the engagement level in our social platforms. Don't miss the impressive impact that photos have on Facebook and 4 more ways to get more involvement!
Apr 2014
I guess you’ve already familiarized with the term “social engagement” (action of being loyal to a brand). In other words, it’s the art of build loyalty among the users on your social communities in...

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So yes. Most of us already have the new personal timeline, will have a new design in our fanpages and probably in the next few days will also have to get use to the new Advertising structure. Get to know everything about what is happening on Facebook to get ready!
Mar 2014
I’m pretty sure that you’ve noticed Facebook has been malfunctioning over the last few weeks. It’s specially bothering for those of us who uses it with marketing purposes. A planned post didn’t go public...

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